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Use of blogging and social medias in education

The tremendous ease of use of  blogs has made them a web tool of great potential in education. As they are easy to create and update efficiently, they can be used to inform students of class requirements, post handouts, notices, and homework assignments. Blog are easily accessible and are available round the clock. Fortunately for…

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An entire island nation is preparing to evacuate to Fiji before they sink into the Pacific

Originally posted on Quartz:
This has to be the weirdest business deal of the week: The Church of England just sold a chunk of forest-covered land on the Fijian island Vanau Levu for $8.8 million to the government of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati. For the moment, Kiribati plans to use its 20-square-kilometer (7.7-square-mile)…


Lower School: Revision handouts

  To download the revision handouts, click on the following links: YEAR 1 GEOGRAPHY FINAL EXAM 2014 REVISION LIST YEAR 1 HISTORY FINAL EXAM 2014 REVISION LIST GEOGRAPHY YEAR 2 REVISION LIST 2014 website Year 3 Geography- Revision for final exams