Death by PowerPoint

# Butterfly 1: How to avoid death by PowerPoint?

What is ‘death by PowerPoint’? “Death by PowerPoint” is a criticism of slide-based presentations referring to a state of boredom and fatigue induced by information overload during presentations. Key contributors to death by PowerPoint include confusing graphics, slides with too much text and presenters whose idea of a good presentation is to read 40 slides…

The Butterfly Effect

The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is the concept that small events can have large, widespread consequences. The name stems from Lorenz’s suggestion that a massive storm might have its roots in the faraway flapping of a tiny butterfly’s wings. How does this idea apply to the world of teaching? Sharing simple ideas can have a big impact.…

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Teaching for A*s

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Beyond the very general notion that we should teach as well as we possibly can, are there approaches we can use that help to secure the highest grades at GCSE? I don’t want to suggest that there are any simple tricks or quick wins or that it is possible or wise…

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What makes a great teacher?

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Over the last 25 years I’ve worked with hundreds of different teachers and had the privilege of watching hundreds of lessons in the schools I’ve worked in and supported. My children have had a quite a few teachers now and I have their perspective too. Without doubt, it is fair to…

Effective teacher

11 features of effective teaching

Research consistently shows that teacher quality—whether measured by content knowledge, experience, training and credentials, or general intellectual skills—is strongly related to student achievement: Simply, skilled teachers produce better student results. Teacher effectiveness-defined as the contribution a teacher makes to his or her students’ achievement- is perhaps the most important teacher quality. The following features of…

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An entire island nation is preparing to evacuate to Fiji before they sink into the Pacific

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This has to be the weirdest business deal of the week: The Church of England just sold a chunk of forest-covered land on the Fijian island Vanau Levu for $8.8 million to the government of the Pacific island nation of Kiribati. For the moment, Kiribati plans to use its 20-square-kilometer (7.7-square-mile)…