While you were away 2/10

Year 3 Watch the video on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Homework GCSE Year 4: Time to learn what you have discovered this week on population change! Year 5: Learning for test 1 Test 1-Population Change Notes Test 1-Unit 3- POPULATION Presentation Year 6 AS Go to your page for notes and presentation for tests 1 Homework:…

The 5 Minute-a-Day revision

Time to start revising for GCSE: The 5 Minute-a-Day revision on Tectonic Landscapes

Cramming – the practice of working intensively to absorb large volumes of informational material in short amounts of time- is the worst strategy for learning as it does not allow time for the brain to process the information. How to avoid doing that in May 2016? Start revising now by using knowledge organisers and questions from…


While you were away 25/9

YEAR 3 HOMEWORK   Monday 28/9: 3A: questions page 4  Tectonic Hazards   YEAR 4 HOMEWORK Tuesday 29/9 Two 6-mark questions on government policies  1- Choose a country which is trying to increase birth rate. Explain the methods used by this country to increase its birth rate. 2- Choose a country you have studied which is…


Year 5 Knowledge Organisers for Unit 3

I have shorten two topics of Unit 3 and will add the other two very soon. The knowledge organisers for economic and settlement change are comprehensive. They include all what you need to know. Use them for your final revision. Knowledge organiser- Unit 3 Economic and settlement change    


Year 4 Revision notes

Download the complete revision notes with questions/answers from past papers. Click here. You need a password to access this page. I have uploaded the presentation on exam skills for coastal landscapes and the PEEL technique, of course! Online revision of coastal landscapes based on presentations: Click here to access this post Online revision of challenges…