Population and sustainable development

“Human beings are at the centre of concerns for sustainable development. They are entitled to a healthy and productive life in harmony with nature.” Rio Declaration, Principle 1 (UN, 1992).
When looking for up-to-date material on ‘population change and sustainable development’, I found the site of the UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund.
Their publications are available online and are free. I have chosen a few that I would like my students to read…Wishful hinking…I know!1- State of World Population 2012
By Choice, Not By Chance: Family Planning, Human Rights and Development
This flagship report analyzes data and trends to understand who is denied access and why. It examines challenges in expanding access to family planning. And it considers the social and economic impact of family planning as well as the costs and savings of making it available to everyone who needs it. The report asserts that governments, civil society, health providers and communities have the responsibility to protect the right to family planning for women across the spectrum, including those who are young or unmarried.
2-  Population Matters for Sustainable Development
This report provides key messages on the relationship between population dynamics and sustainable development. It was prepared in the lead-up to Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, following extensive consultations and collaborations with thirteen sister agencies, civil society organizations, acedemics and the private sector. It served as the basis for over a dozen briefings and consultations prior to Rio +20. In addition to informing the conference, the report includes important lessons for discussions of the international development goals post-2015. It argues that: Population dynamics have a significant influence on sustainable development. Efforts to promote sustainable development that do not address population dynamics will continue to, fail. Population dynamics are not destiny. Change is possible through a set of policies which respect human rights and freedoms and contribute to a reduction in fertility, notably access to sexual and reproductive health care, education beyond the primary level, and the empowerment of women.
3-  Population Dynamics in the LDCs
Challenges and Opportunities for Development and Poverty Reduction
This report, prepared for the 2011 UN Conference on Least Developed Countries, outlines major population dynamics in Least Developed Countries and addresses their implications for development and poverty reduction.  It identifies five areas of intervention that can help countries anticipate, shape and plan for changes in their population.
4-  Ageing in the Twenty-First Century
A Celebration and A Challenge
This new report will present new figures on one of the most important demographic trends of this century.  It includes contributions from 1300 older persons from 36 countries.

Ageing population

Ageing population


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