Why I’m against revision guides in Geography

It’s that time of the year…again! Examinations, external or internal, are quite stressful and the idea of revising a whole textbook in a few pages from one of the revision guides sold by main publishers is very attractive!

Don’t do it! Why? Read the following statements from publishers’ sites (in bold)..and my comments!
1- ‘Revision guides are printed books which summarise everything you need to know to do well in the exam…’. Everything you need to know?  When they just ‘cover all the key content on your course’… When you have to describe the ‘features ‘of a beach profile and explain their formation’, the revision guide is quite useless.
2- They ‘Maximise Your Marks – invaluable advice to make sure you pick up all the marks available in your exams, and avoid common mistakes.’ All the marks? With only key concepts?
3- Practise for the Exam – ensure you are thoroughly prepared for the exams with practice questions. This is something you have already done, with real past papers!

The only useful guides are the notes your teacher gives you! Don’t follow the easy path advertised by publishers. They want you to buy their books!


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