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A list of geographers on Twitter for PLN

Free online course

The University of Exeter in the U.K. has a free online course on climate science aimed at students who will be entering university. This eight-week-long course begins Jan. 12. This course aims to explain the science of climate change, the risks it poses and the solutions available to reduce those risks.
Climate Change: Challenges and Solutions

Climate Change/global warming and its impacts

By mid-century, sea level rise is set to make floods a monthly occurrence in more than two dozen major cities in the US.
2014 will be Europe’s hottest year since the 1500s.
Chinese meat demand drives livestock greenhouse emissions.
What is the Green Climate Fund?
The Green Climate Fund now totals $10.14billion, with contributions from 24 countries.
Lima Climate Agreement — Experts React
What Is Global Warming?
Water’s edge: the crisis of rising sea levels
The remote village of Shishmaref, Alaska, has been experiencing the effects of climate change first-hand.
Sept 2014 sea level rise is 56.35 mm with a rate of change of 3.17 mm a year-chart
Flooding Risk From Climate Change, Country by Country-Map
Major coral bleaching in Pacific may become worst die-off in 20 years, say experts
Most of Alaska’s Permafrost Could Melt This Century
Report suggests forest-cutting can immediately harm climatic patterns
Europe’s Record Heat Directly Tied to Climate Change
Climate Change is Melting Mount Rainier’s Glaciers at Unprecedented Rates
Almost 7,000 UK properties to be sacrificed to rising seas


Tropical deforestation could disrupt rainfall globally.
Impacts of deforestation on Amazonian river ecosystems could be far-reaching
Tropical rainforest clearance threatens global crops
Palm oil facilitates large-scale illegal logging in Indonesia

Economic growth

Inside China’s cancer villages
Court in China issues record pollution fine


Juruna people lose 30-year fight to stop Brazil’s Belo Monte dam – video The construction of Brazil’s biggest hydroelectric dam in Belo Monte, in the Xingu river basin, will cause major upheaval for the Juruna tribe.
UK’s biggest solar farm connects to national grid
Green light for world’s largest planned tidal energy project in Scotland
Kenya’s Lake Turkana wind power project
750 MW Solar Power Plant In India, Likely To Be Largest Solar Power Plant In World

Floods and flood management

Thinking About Boscastle- slideshare
The next six years in England will see the most ever invested in managing flood risk.
BBC News – East coast storm surge: What happened next?
LA River’s flood role is ‘paramount’
Somerset flood defences: ‘It all seems to take such a long time’

Somerset ‘Thames Barrier’ scheme ‘best for flood defence’
England’s flooded pubs and drowned towns: the people facing climate change
Flood map of England and Wales
Mudslides, flash floods kill at least 53 in Philippines


New geoengineering studies sceptical of success.

Health Issues

Cuba’s health care system faces major challenges.
Can Cuba Escape Poverty but Stay Healthy?
Deadly Cholera Outbreaks Could Increase with Climate Change.
Slowly and messily, the struggle against Ebola virus is being won.
BBC News – Poor water and hygiene ‘kills mothers and newborns’
Why so many people are still malnourished-video from the Economist
Nutrition | FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Ebola and Indirect Effects on Health Service Function in Sierra Leone
Zambia Preventing Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV Final 10/12/14-Video
The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2014
The impact dirty water and a lack of sanitation can have on people’s lives.
Mauritian social security receives international innovation award
2014 West African Ebola outbreak: interactive map
Alcohol Fact sheet
How does Ebola actually compare to previous outbreaks and other diseases?
Food poverty in Britain

Plate tectonics and associated hazards

2014: The Year in Volcanic Activity
Earthquake Pre-cursors? ‘Slow Slip’ Monitoring May Figure Risks | Video
The way a slab behaves once it begins its descent into the mantle
10 years after Indian Ocean Tsunami, see how one community is providing valuable lessons in resilience and recovery. Resilience and recovery ten years after the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami: A summary of results from the STAR project
Boxing Day tsunami: 10 years on, the scars are not hard to find in Aceh
Earthquake warning system needed in California
Boxing day Tsunami – 10 years on- Selection of reports and videos


The World in 2015: Global population and the changing shape of world demographics-Video from the Economist
These maps show where the world’s youngest and oldest people live
“Adventures in Population Growth”- Animated population pyramids
International Human Development Indicators-map, graph and data by country

Resource extraction

Bangladesh struggles to deal with devastating oil spill in world’s largest mangrove forest.
After Oil Spill in Bangladesh’s Unique Mangrove Forest, Fears About Rare Animals.
‘Massacre’ of Uncontacted Tribe in Peru Revealed in New Reports


Meander migration:Time lapse of a river over 28 years

River Thames from source to sea

Settlement change

These maps help to visualize the world’s urban growth.
Growth in UK rural areas to outstrip that in cities?
Surviving in the slums-BBC Videos

Sustainable development

Equator Initiative Case Study Database: case studies on local sustainable development solutions

Sustainable cities

Masdar City, a city fully sustainable on green energy. Two videos:
Part 1            Part 2

Sustainable transport

Cities in Focus | Los Angeles Metro: Promoting Mass Transit-Video
Paris to Cut Cars, Double Bike Lanes by 2020


How Lake District holiday homeowners are pushing out local residents
The Tribes Have Spoken
Advertising tourism in Antarctica
British tourism industry predicts record spend for 2015-Video

Wasteful world

Complete study on plastic pollution
Weather and climate

What causes high and low pressure?
How Scientists Unraveled the El Nino Mystery

Check out these sites

Geographical: Published in the UK since 1935, Geographical magazine is the official magazine of the Royal Geographical Society.

The Integrated Assessment of Geoengineering Proposals (IAGP) project is an interdisciplinary research project that has brought together a wide range of expertise, from climate modelling to philosophy and engineering to public perceptions, to situate the assessment of geoengineering within wider societal values.

World Resources Institute.WRI is a global research organization that focuses on six critical issues at the intersection of environment and development: climate, energy, food, forests, water, and cities and transport.

The Geograph® Britain and Ireland project aims to collect geographically representative photographs and information for every square kilometre of Great Britain and Ireland. seeks to raise interest in and appreciation of wild lands and wildlife, while examining the impact of emerging trends in climate, technology, economics, and finance on conservation and development.

Check out these digital tools for teaching

Oppia is a versatile tool that enables non-technical users to create interactive online educational activities (called ‘explorations’) that give immediate and personalized feedback to learners. These explorations are incrementally improvable by the community, and embeddable in any webpage.
Read a list of features of Oppia: Google Oppia – Create Interactive Online Educational Activities
Creating a Paperless Classroom
6 Best Search Engines for Academic Research
Cross Word Puzzles allows you to make interesting puzzles very easily.
Blubbr is a cool web tool that allows users to create quizzes around YouTube videos. These are basically interactive video quizzes ( called Trivs ) that you can create for your students and which they can answer while they watch the selected video clip. The quizzes are also feedback supported meaning students will get feedback as they answer each question.
5 Tools for Creating Multimedia Quizzes – A Comparison Chart 
How to make infographics: a beginner’s guide to data visualisation
Newspaper templates

Teaching resources/CPD

Geography Tweets Catalogue by @geogabout
Geography Resources
Introduction to the SOLO Taxonomy.
A source of inspiration: 15 Minute Forums – Autumn 2014
Insert teaching/learning resources in a scheme of work or revision notes:
Watch these two videos which explain how to embed PDF and PowerPoint presentations into a Word document.
Embed PDF in Word – Microsoft Word
Embed PowerPoint in Word – Microsoft Word
Workshop on Creative GCSE Geography & Literacy
A fully customisable board game to print and use in your class.
Teaching resource on Prediction and Preparation for and Protection from Earthquakes
Geography all the way
Hunting English: Check uout this blog for learning strategies
This World of Change series documents how our planet’s land, oceans, atmosphere, and Sun are changing over time.

A great activity to teach Ordnance Survey map symbols: OS symbols story

What a wonderful world! Watch s
ix-minute timelapse video from space


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