GCSE/AS: Geography Videos -1

1- GCSE Population change

Global population change
7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast?

Population Pyramids – The basics

What is a population pyramid, what a population pyramid can tell you about a population, and how to describe population pyramids

The World in 2015: Global population and the changing shape of world demographics

Demographic Transition Model

China’s One Child Policy

Singapore incentives to increase birth rates

Impacts of ageing population
Despite its impressive economic rise, South Korea is now facing a threat from within: a population that is ageing faster than in any other rich nation.

2- GCSE Coastal Landscapes

Edexcel GCSE Geography – Coasts and Processes

Landforms of Coastal Erosion

What are the landforms of coastal erosion? How do headlands and bays form? How do headlands erode? What are wave-cut platforms and how do they form? What factors affect the rate of erosion of a coastline?

Holderness Coast GCSE Geography Case Study

Happisburgh Coastal Erosion Norfolk

3- AQA AS Rivers, floods and management
Causes of flooding
What are the physical causes of flooding? How do they affect the flood risk? What are the human causes of flooding? How do they affect the flood risk? What are the links between the drainage basin hydrological cycle, water budget, the storm hydrograph and the causes of flooding?

Effects of Flooding

What are the effects of river floods? How can these effects be categorised? What are the short-term effects of flooding? What are the long-term effects of flooding? What are the intangible effects of flooding? How do these effects vary between MEDCs (HICs) and LEDCs (LICs)?

Flood management strategies

4- Monitoring volcanoes and Earthquake-proof buildings

Clive Oppenheimer, a volcanologist working on the latest techniques to monitor and predict volcanic eruptions, demonstrates his work at Mount Etna, an active volcano in Sicily.

Earthquake-Proof Buildings in San Francisco

5- Tsunamis

How tsunamis work

2011 Japan Tsunami Caught on CCTV cameras

Earthquake, tsunami early warning system could protect Northern California coast




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