AQA AS Causes, Impacts and management of Flooding

Our last topic for Rivers: Flooding

Reminder: Case studies are essential to achieve full marks.

Examiners’ reports: About case studies
Case study material can enhance answers – even if it is not a stated requirement of the question. It can provide evidence for points made and allow significant elaboration and illustration. Candidates should be encouraged to use this as a matter of course. Case study knowledge should be precise.

About 15 mark questions
Too many candidates waste valuable time when responding to the 15 mark questions by having a lengthy introduction which largely repeats back the question, then indicates what is going to be the content and often wrongly comes to a view at the start before any information has been presented. In the context of the 15 mark questions, candidates should be encouraged to come to a view at the end, ensuring that the view matches the preceding content. There must also be specific facts/figures in support that have been learnt during the course – not just any general view or ideas that might be considered.

Make notes using the following resources:
Boscastle floods geofile
Causes of flooding
Videos on flooding
Boscastle, Flash Flood

From your textbook:
Causes of floodind: pages 26-29
Flood prediction page 30
You may use the Bangladesh case study for causes and impacts in an LIC.

Download the question handout. AQA AS Questions on causes and impacts of flooding
Send your answers to my email at school.

Flooding management

Is a restoration scheme possible for LA River

flooding-and-flood-management-for-site 2015

Revision book available on the year 6 page


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