Geography News January 2015


EUROGEO News: 50 Human Geography Stories from 2014
This is a series of blog posts by  the European Association of Geographers
Geological time & the evolution of our planet explained-BBC The 25 Biggest Turning Points in Earth’s History
Video: Terrible Landslide in the Mountains of Dagestan! It is a classic and very spectacular example of an earthflow.
2015 Gates Annual Letter
How to teach … the EU

Challenges for the planet: Climate change/Global warming

Climate concern ‘linked to floods’ BBC News
Britons named climate change as a major issue facing the UK alongside crime and education in a national survey.
The Impacts of Climate Change: From Global to Local. An Interesting talk by experts from Lancaster University-Video
Climate change “refugees” off the agenda, but problem looms large.
According to human rights lawyer Walter Kälin, in the past six years some 160 million people have been displaced by sudden-onset disasters, 90 percent of them linked to weather events.
Climate change is lifting Iceland – and it could mean more volcanic eruptions
Iceland is rising because of climate change, with land freed by the melting of the ice caps rebounding from the Earth at a rate of up to 1.4in per year. Researchers believe the extra uplift could be behind an increase in volcanic activity, with three Icelandic eruptions in the last five years shutting down flights and spewing ash in the air.
On the same topic: How Climate Change Leads to Volcanoes
Warmer seas could cause faster melting of Antarctic ice leading to rising sea levels, says study
Total melting of the West Antarctic ice sheet, which is close to the regions known to be warming, would raise global sea levels by 4.8 metres (15.7ft) – enough to have a severe impact on coastal populations.
Car ownership reaches record high in China
China gained an additional 17 million new cars in 2014, taking ownership to a record 154 million – according to its Ministry of Public Security.
World Is Locked into ~1.5°C Warming & Risks Are Rising, New Climate Report Finds
Everyone will feel the impact, particularly the poor, as weather extremes become more commons and risks to food, water, and energy security increase.
Could Western diets derail climate action?
A growing body of evidence shows the impact that unsustainable levels of meat consumption – particularly of meats like beef and lamb – have on the planet. As shown in a recent Chatham House report, the livestock sector contributes nearly 15 per cent of all greenhouse gas emissions, roughly equivalent to those from transport.
What Is the Greenhouse Effect?

Study shows methane leaking from Siberian permafrost. 
Scientists blame climate change for world’s biggest trees dying
Melting glaciers dump carbon into the sea 
Sea Level Rise: The Basics — Global Warming & Physics
Why the Arctic is climate change’s canary in the coal mine
Watch 28 Years of Old Arctic Ice Disappear in One Minute
Climate Change’s Calling Card in 2014: Heat
Tropical Forests May Inhale Third of Fossil Fuel Emissions
Watch 63 Years of Global Warming in 14 Seconds
Connections between climate change and extreme weather events
Carbon Trading-slideshare
The vast majority of glaciers in the European glacial regions are in retreat
Tropical forests are so critical to fighting climate change that they may absorb up to one-fifth of all of humans’ fossil fuel emissions
Cities could be the secret to fighting climate change
The best climate success stories
Climate change is helping pests and diseases that attack crops to spread around the world, a study suggests.
2014 officially the hottest year on record
New Actions to Reduce Methane Emissions in the US
The tides are changing: Sea levels rising at faster rate than predicted, study finds Correcting estimates of sea level rise
Climate changes: Global highlights 2014
Tibetan glaciers are shrinking at their summits: Ice loss at high elevations threatens water supply for hundreds of millions of people

In 2014, a Fijian village was 1st to be relocated under the small island nation’s “climate change refugee” programme

Coastal management


Roads are encroaching deeper into the Amazon rainforest, study says, The Guardian
For every 40 meters or road created, around 600 sq km of forest is lost.
How can we save the world’s forests?
Over 13 million hectares of forests are still being cleared each year. That’s an area around three times the size of Switzerland. This destruction is contributing up to 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and threatens our common future.
Over 13 million hectares of forests are still being cleared each year. That’s an area around three times the size of Switzerland. This destruction is contributing up to 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions, and threatens our common future,
Powered by Google, high resolution forest map reveals massive deforestation worldwide
APP commits to conserve, restore 1M ha of Indonesian forest; WWF pledges support
The green Amazon is red with indigenous blood’: authorities pull bodies from river that may have belonged to slain leaders
Half of Indonesia’s deforestation occurs outside concession areas
Impacts of palm oil plantations in Indonesia
Deforestation of Sarawak in Malaysia
Deforestation climbing – along with fears – in the Amazon

Drainage basin hydrological cycle

What is Groundwater?

Economic growth

The world’s poverty – in 50 seconds BBC video
Analysing Child Poverty and Deprivation in sub-Saharan Africa
The findings show that 67% of all the children in the thirty countries suffer from two to five deprivations crucial to their survival and development, corresponding to 247 million out of a total of 368 million children below the age of 18 living in these thirty countries.
Investing in girls’ education is good for girls. But it also can help change the world. Short article and excellent infographic
Research report: Wealth: Having it all and wanting more

This video shows how bad the smog problem is in China
The world’s wealth – in 60 seconds- BBC video. The BBC’s new A Richer World season is exploring global wealth, poverty and inequality.
We have to choose between our economy and our future. It’s time for a social movement that pressures governments and businesses to prioritize quality of life over economic growth.
Geography resources on globalisation
The construction of a huge dam in Ethiopia and the introduction of large-scale agricultural businesses has been controversial.

Floods and flood management

World Bank provides $375 million support to reduce vulnerability of coastal populations to natural disasters.
Bangladesh -The Multipurpose Disaster Shelter Project will construct 552 new multipurpose disaster shelters, improve 450 existing shelters, and build connecting roads and communication networks in 9 coastal districts. The project will benefit 14 million coastal populations living in the front line of climate change. The project will introduce steel shelter designs for the first time in Bangladesh for improved construction quality and durability.

Heavy rainfall/flooding in the Lake District, Cumbria – November 2009
Plans to protect coast from flooding released
Six ways city landscapes can be more flood resilient – in pictures
How Carlisle has changed 10 years since devastating floods
Malawi floods kill 170 and leave thousands homeless

Health Issues

Hans Rosling on HIV: New facts and stunning data visuals
The world’s three health challenges
The world is facing a three-prong health challenge: We must build sustainable national and global health systems that can respond quickly and effectively to crises like Ebola; eliminate or control infectious diseases; and address the quietly rising epidemic of chronic NCDs.
Care spending ‘cut by fifth in 10 years’ in the UK
How the care system works across the UK
US Obesity Rates Have Risen Most in Older Adults
Over the past five years, the obesity rate among people ages 65 and older has increased by 4 percentage points — from 23.4 percent in 2008 to 27.4 percent in 2014.
The choking problem of Asia’s air pollution
A widely cited 2012 study, published in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, estimated that about 339,000 deaths worldwide between 1997 and 2006 were associated with forest, grass and peat fires.
Most cancers not just ‘bad luck’
It’s the environment and lifestyle within a country that determines the majority of cancer risk.
Lack of exercise responsible for twice as many deaths as obesity, University of Cambridge
How can we end malnutrition?
The global obesity epidemic in four maps

hungerHunger Statistics
Global poverty :Multidimensional Poverty Index

Global, regional, and national age–sex specific all-cause and cause
The unequal health of Europeans: successes and failures of policies
Can Ebola be beaten in 2015?
Why healthcare needs to adapt to millennials
Cancer: Women’s lung cancer rates rocket in Wales
Cancer crisis: Cases to reach ‘record high in 2015’
Do cigarette health warnings work?
The World Health Organization says it is confident that deaths from malaria could be stopped entirely.
NHS may be to blame for earlier deaths

Ordnance Survey resources

The difference between UK, Britain and the British Isles

Plate tectonics and associated hazards

Mendocino Triple Junction Offshore Northern California
The Mendocino Triple Junction (MTJ) is one of the most seismically active regions of the San Andreas transform system. Historically the region has experienced major quakes.  This activity is generated in response to ongoing plate motions between the Gorda, North America, and Pacific plates.
Japan Earthquake Holds Lessons For Oregon Coast
How can a structure withstand a 9.0 #earthquake? Build it on springs
How subduction causes magma to rise forming volcanic islands like Montserrat
Why do buildings fall in earthquakes? Video
BBC Documentary Volcano Hell: How to predict an eruption-video
Tongan volcano creates new island
Bardarbunga volcano continues to emit lava, almost five months after it began erupting. Video
Scientists are deep sea drilling to learn more about earthquakes and tsunamis
How a volcano can blow its top-Video
Predicting Volcanoes’ Activity Is Tricky
Kathmandu under-prepared for earthquake
Seismic risk and the 20th anniversary of the Kobe earthquake


China says its gender imbalance ‘most serious’ in the world
Like most Asian nations, China has a traditional bias for sons. Many families abort female foetuses and abandon baby girls to ensure their one child is a son, so about 118 boys are born for every 100 girls, against a global average of 103 to 107.
Philippines embraces free birth control despite opposition from Catholic Church (VIDEO)
Average cost of raising a child in Britain rises to £230,000
Concern as Japan’s 2014 birth rate falls to record low
Half of families to have one child in Britain
7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine-Video
Women and poverty-Infographic
The Social Progress Index, a standard to rank societies based on how they meet the needs of citizens. TED
Prepare for rising migration driven by climate change, governments told
Parents ‘consider quitting work over childcare costs’
China’s one-child policy babies from 1979 to 2014. In pictures
War stokes further growth in forced displacement in first half 2014
Long-term Migration into and out of the United Kingdom, 1964-2013-Line graph
The latest change in the family planning policy in China
One County Provides Preview Of China’s Looming Aging Crisis

Resource extraction

Oxfam’s Work on Extractive Industries- interactive map. Oil, gas, and mining projects generate billions of dollars in the developing world, yet very little of this wealth benefits the communities where these resources are found.
Sundarban Oil Spill Assessment
Shell agrees $84m deal over Niger Delta oil spill


The Mediterranean’s urban sprawl: ‘You know a city’s near by the plastic in the sea’

CitiesSustainable development

Reducing your water consumption 10% eliminates 2,400 pounds of Greenhouse Gas emissions.
A Caribbean Island Says Goodbye Diesel and Hello 100% Renewable Electricity
Bonaire (pop. 14,500), a small island off the coast of Venezuela, is famous for its beautiful marine reefs, which are visited by 70,000 tourists every year. What many of the tourists don’t realize is that the majority of the electricity powering their needs comes from renewable energy.
Sumatran community grows crops, aids conservation through ‘village forests’
How to reduce waste: Sustainable development at school
Infographic: 100 of world’s most influential companies will commit to 100% renewable power
The richer Taiwan gets, the less trash it produces.
World conference on education for sustainable development
Helsinki, the city where 77% of journeys are sustainable
Rate of environmental degradation puts life on Earth at risk
Belo Horizonte, São Paulo, and Rio de Janeiro announced co-winners of the 2015 Sustainable Transport Award
Why sustainable development matters: Life on Earth now officially at risk
7 Cities That Are Starting To Go Car-Free


Helping Brazil’s tribal groups benefit more from tourism
Are the Tupe villagers, and other such tribal groups which have gone into tourism, at risk of being exploited?
Blackpool Illuminations to get £2m coastal grant boost
Botswana’s challenging ecotourism industry-BBC video 
The future of travel

Wasteful world

How a DVD Case Killed a Whale
Map Reveals Extent of Plastic Debris In Our Oceans
Ocean Trash: 5.25 Trillion Pieces and Counting, but Big Questions Remain

Watery World

The Hidden Water We Use
New Wastewater Treatment Plant Brings Health and Hope to Prespa Lakeside Village

Weather and climate

La Niña events can drive weather patterns wild around the globe from helping exacerbate drought in West Africa and increase rainfall in areas as diverse as South Asia and the Pacific Northwest. The more extreme the La Niña, which is characterized by a cooling of waters in the tropical Pacific, generally the more pronounced the impacts can be.
Everything you need to know about this year’s (probable) El Niño in one graphic and 900 words

Check out these sites

Getting creative with Geography curriculum
The Public Domain Project: Download thousands of historic media files for your creative projects.
Geo-resources for teaching, learning and research 2014
AS/A2: A ‘must read’ and use : All Alevel skills explained @ the Piggott Geography Alevel Skills Site.
Top 15 apps for Educators in 2014

Check out these apps

A Worldly Mind– An Apple/Android app which aims to make you worldly by teaching you facts and figures about countries around the world

45+ Free Teacher Recommended Educational Apps


The Countries Most Likely To Survive Climate Change In One Infographic
East Asia’s Massive Urban Growth, in 5 Infographics.

The Carbon Footprint of Clothing


Interactive hunger map
India Grows, Canada Disappears: Mapping Countries By Population


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