Investigating the social impacts of tourism in Ayia Napa

To investigate the social impacts of tourism, the following questionnaire was used:

Likert scale. questionnaireStep 1:  Download the primary data: Impacts of tourism-version 2.(n: 57).  Change data into percentages. Draw a complete table to present percentages
Step 2: Draw diverging stacked bar charts without category 3 which is the neutral category and is omitted. Add table below each graph.
Step 3: Describe your findings. Don’t forget to comment on category 3!
Step 4: Add Figure to show impacts on services and shops
Step 5: Analyse data and make links with data on reasons for the tourists to come.
Time to conclude and evaluate!

Diverging stacked bar charts are great for showing the spread of negative and positive values and because they align to each other around the midpoint, it is easy to compare and contrast findings.
To draw diverging stacked bar charts, follow the step by step given by the presentation below:


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