Years 5 and 6: revision

This is the schedule for revision:lessons

As I don’t know which room is going to be free, we will meet at the cafeteria before the lessons.

Year 6:
Tuesday 5: 9.30/11.30. Download the presentation Unit 1 Rivers
Thursday 7: 1.00 a.m MH26 Go to your page to download the presentation.

Year 5:
Wednesday 13: Unit 1 – 9.30/11.30
Friday 15: Unit 1 Map skills 9.30
Wednesday 27 Units 2 and 3 : 9.30

Apart from these lessons, if you need  1:1 help, check my free periods below and leave me a message on Facebook that you are coming.
Next week is a busy week with revision lessons for year 6 and year 5 coursework to be sent to England on Friday.

Monday: Periods 3,4,5,
Tuesday: Periods 3,4,5,6, Apart from Tuesday 5:
Wednesday: Free all day apart from Wednesday 6
Thursday: period 1,3 and 4. apart from Thursday 7
Friday: periods 3,4,5,and 6 apart from Friday 8

Revision meme


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