While you were away 25/9

 Monday 28/9: 3A: questions page 4 

Tectonic Hazards


Tuesday 29/9 Two 6-mark questions on government policies 
1- Choose a country which is trying to increase birth rate. Explain the methods used by this country to increase its birth rate.
2- Choose a country you have studied which is trying to decrease its birth rate. Explain the incentives and disincentives used by this country to decrease its birth rate. 

GCSE Population Change

AS Floods and flood management
Friday 2/10 Two 15-mark questions on impacts of flooding
1- Compare and comment on the economic and social effects of flooding in two contrasting areas of the world.
2- With reference to one case study, discuss the impact of flooding on people and the environment. 

Hard engineering: Three Gorges Dam
Time lapse


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