Time to start revising for GCSE: The 5 Minute-a-Day revision on Tectonic Landscapes

Crammingthe practice of working intensively to absorb large volumes of informational material in short amounts of time- is the worst strategy for learning as it does not allow time for the brain to process the information.
How to avoid doing that in May 2016? Start revising now by using knowledge organisers and questions from past papers that I will give you every week.
Retrieving knowledge from memory
is the study strategy which has been shown to have the highest impact on long-term learning.
Revise prior learning and practice self-quizzing:
– by reciting material aloud from memory or trying to tell a friend about it.
– by deleting the right column of the knowledge organiser and try to fill it in.
– by answering questions from past exam papers and check your answers by using the mark scheme of the exam board.

The 5 Minute-a-Day Revision for October is on Tectonic Landscapes. Download the knowledge organiser: Tectonic Landscapes Edexcel GCSE Unit 2-Knowledge organiser

Knowledge is not enough. You must practice past questions and master specific skills for each topic.
October Week 1- Your first 5 Minute-a-Day revision on skills:
How to describe a distribution of earthquakes/volcanoes on a map.
How to describe line graphs.
Download the presentation.   Tectonic Landscapes Command word-Describe   Answer the questions in your exercise book. 
DescribeThis is a very common command word and requires you to give the main characteristics of something. Questions will often ask you to ‘describe’ a photograph, a pattern on a graph or a map. You should write an accurate account of what you see.  You are trying to represent in words the picture to the examiner.  Command words for GCSE Geography Specification A


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