Year 3 Project on eco-cities

Your last project was to design an eco-city, or sustainable city.
The ideal “eco-city” has been described as a city that:

– Eliminates all carbon waste to become a zero-carbon city. A zero-carbon city runs entirely on renewable energy; it has no carbon footprint and will in this respect not cause harm to the planet.
– Has a well-planned public transportation system that makes the priority methods of transportation as follows possible: walking first, then cycling, and then public transportation.
– Creates a zero-waste system —maximizing efficiency of water and energy resources, constructing a waste management system that can recycle waste and reuse it.
– Ensures decent and affordable housing for all socio-economic groups.

Congratulations for this final piece of work on eco-cities which shows so much creativity!
Have a nice summer and see you in September!

Eco-city 1


Ec0-city 2


Eco-city 3


Eco city 4


Eco-city 5






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