Project-based learning: ‘How to make our school more sustainable’

In Mai 2015, Year 3 students were involved in our first attempt of project-based learning which aims were to : 
– Investigate the ways our school is not sustainable
– Investigate the ways our school is sustainable
– Investigate ways schools and companies are sustainable in Cyprus and abroad
– Investigate ways our school could be more sustainable in the future

Looking at the posts on this blog for this year, I realised that this PBL was missing from my Wall of Fame!
Let’s celebrate your achievement, year 5 students when you were year 3 students…
Enjoy some of the best presentations and posters – sorry no videos as I can’t upload your videos on this blog – I’m also missing the links to a web site and a Prezi presentation that were excellent!
I have uploaded one video on recycling on Geographyiseasy facebook page. Click here



Prezi Presentation





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