YEAR 4 Thinglink activity on Epping Forest Ecosystem


An example of a small scale eco-system: Epping Forest, UK  (example of deciduous forest) 

STEP 1– Find an image of Epping Forest Ecosystem as the ‘background’ image.

STEP 2-Find images and prepare text to be added to each of them:

a)Location of Epping forest
(i) Image:  Location map of Epping Forest.
(ii) Add text to describe the location

b) Characteristics of Epping Forest Food Web:
Watch: temperate deciduous forest fauna and flora
(i)Find images to show at least one of the species for each trophic level.
(ii) Text: Name of each species

c) How is the ecosystem interdependent?
(i) Find the climate graph of a deciduous forest:
(ii) Text to explain the link between climate and ecosystem.

d) Characteristics of Epping Forests Nutrient cycle:
(i) Find an image of the nutrient cycle of a deciduous forest.
(Ii) Text to explain it.

Step 3 Sign up:

Step 4 Add title, images and texts.

Step 5- Send me the link.


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