Protected: Year 5 Revision notes and presentations for Units 1, 2 and 3

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Year 4 Revision notes

Download the complete revision notes with questions/answers from past papers. Click here. You need a password to access this page. I have uploaded the presentation on exam skills for coastal landscapes and the PEEL technique, of course! Online revision of coastal landscapes based on presentations: Click here to access this post Online revision of challenges…

Videos of the week-2-

Suscribe to GCSE Geography Help on youtube. Brilliant! GCSE Coastal Landscapes Coastal management: Torcross coastal defences: Local people feel the council has thrown away £250,000 as 27,000 tonnes of shingle have been washed away in one day, only 3 weeks after being deposited as a coastal defence measure. GCSE Challenges for the planet Watch the…