Edexcel GCSE Geography A Learning Resources

1- Knowledge organisers/Notes 

Unit 1 Section B
Challenges for the Planet: Unit 1 Challenges for the planet shorter version

Unit 2
Section A
Coastal Landscapes: Knowledge organiser Coastal Landscapes Edexcel GCSE Unit 2




River Landscapes: GCSE river landscapes
Tectonic Landscapes : Tectonic Landscapes Edexcel GCSE Unit 2-Knowledge organiser

Section B
A Watery World: A Watery World Edexcel GCSE Unit 2-Knowledge organiser

Unit 3
Section A
Economic Change: Economic change Knowledge organiser on Edexcel GCSE Unit 3
Settlement Change: Settlement Change-Knowledge organiser GCSE Unit 3 Section A
Population Change: Population Change Knowledge Organiser- Edexcel GCSE Unit 3

Section B
A Tourist’s World: Unit 3-Section B-A tourists world

2- Learning outcomes and past questions
Unit 3- Learning outcomes and questions by topic