Tectonic Monopoly (revision game)

Retrieving knowledge from memory is the study strategy which has been shown to have the highest impact on long-term learning . Read more about revision tips.

What are the teaching methods which help students to enhance long-term retention?

One teaching method that I use is revision games such as Monopoly.
The students are given the questions in advance and they must ‘train’ for the game. I ask them to form teams of 5/6 players with a leader to organise the ‘training’.

Does it work?
For instance, in February 2015, year 3 (KS3 year 9) played Tectonic Monopoly. Competition to be the ‘Tectonic Masters’ was fierce and noisy! and some teams worked really hard and gave amasing answers.
However, I noticed that some students were not  involved and were just watching the game. This is one of the drawbacks of group work as Tom Bennett, founder of researchEd, writes in his article ‘Group Work for the Good‘… you can’t win ‘em all!
This drawback can also be seen as an opportunity for teachers to identify students who are either struggling with your lesson or are simply not motivated.
Resources to download for this game: